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How to Give a Great Medical Presentation

how do i give a good talk

How to Give a Great Medical Presentation

Medical presentations don’t have to be boring or difficult to sit through. Despite the constant battery of subpar presenting you can give a great medical presentation with these three tips. Always start on time, be conscientious about your audience, and be prepared for anything. Follow the 10-20-30 rule and your presentation will be brilliant.

10. Your medical presentation should only have 10 slides to ensure that there is not too much information, that the line of the speech is easy to follow, and that only the essentials are included. At the very maximum, you should only show 15 slides. If you need to share more information, send links on Scribd or Slideshare.

20. A good presentation should only be 20 minutes long. This is true even in an hour long meeting because you have to account for the opportunity that something will go wrong. Chances are someone will be late, some piece of technology will malfunction, or there will be questions to answer.

 30. 30 point font is the smallest font that you should ever use on a Power Point slide. This will ensure that it’s easy to read and that you won’t be able to put too many words on the screen. Your audience can read faster than you can talk so be sure that they are forced to keep with your pace and can’t race to read ahead with whole paragraphs on the screen.

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