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Medical Marketing

Medical Marketing at its finest.

Through a collaboration with our medical marketing partners, Graphics for Doctors can handle all aspects of medical marketing to drive more patients through your door. Medical Marketing is a unique field that requires advanced knowledge of medical specialties, procedures, conditions, insurance markets/reimbursements, surgical processes and, most importantly, patient trends. With our vast experience in medical marketing we know what will get patients through your door. We’d love to discuss all the ways we can help grow your medical practice with you.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Our medical marketing services include but are not limited to:

Marketing Strategies

PR and Media Placement

Targeted Digital Marketing

Patient Testimonials


Analytic Reporting

Search Retargeting

Online Positioning

Shareable Content Writing

Community Integration

Social Media Management

Patient Location Targeting

How does it work?

Three simple steps is all it takes.

We Listen.

In our initial chat, we’ll get a sense of your business, what goals you have for it, and what marketing strategy will work best for you. Together, we'll set realistic goals, along with a timeline and strategy to increase the number of patients through your door, and in turn, your profits.

We Execute the Plan.

With a strategy in motion, we start working on the various elements of your marketing plan. Research is conducted for things such as what patients look for in your location and what are the most common online searches being conducted for terms related to your area of practice. We assess the results and adjust the marketing strategy as needed.

We Report Your Results.

We provide you reports so you can easily see the results of the marketing plan. You'll be able to track how many visitors your website is getting and your ROI. We can adjust the strategy each month based on the results. And there's no long term commitment. You may end the marketing plan at anytime if you so desire.

Why should you trust us with your Medical Marketing

Marketing firms specialize in particular areas, just as physicians do. Our medical marketing partners specialize in marketing for Orthopedic, Spine, and Neurosurgery practices. They have been helping medical practices with their marketing strategies for years and have been recognized as leaders in their field. Because of their expertise in these particular medical practices, they are able to create targeted marketing strategies with a higher rate of investment in comparison with non-specialized marketing companies.

Our Medical Marketing partners understand that no two medical practices are alike and there isn’t one marketing strategy that will work for everyone. They work to understand the needs and goals of your practice to create a marketing strategy tailor-made for your practice. They conduct an in-depth marketing audit including demographic research, psychographic research, identifying strengths, weaknesses and identifying who your competitors are. With this information, they create a customized marketing strategy designed to get you a higher rate of return on your investments, and more importantly, more patients through the door.

Because medical design and medical marketing go hand-in-hand, Graphics for Doctors has been able to work with our network of award-winning medical marketing partners for many years. Together in that time, we’ve been able to help many medical practices grow and thrive all over the nation. We’d love to see what we can do to help your practice. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Here’s what else we can do to help grow your medical practice:


Our award winning designers have an understanding of medical concepts and are able to convey them in a visually striking and informative way to create marketing material that will surely impress.


Our web development team understands medical concepts and how to best present them to create powerful mobile focused medical websites that convert potential patients into appointments.


We provide top quality printing of business cards, brochure and everything else you'll need for successfully marketing your practice that will leave a lasting impression.


From large backdrop displays and banners that will drive traffic to your booth, to creative and unique custom promotional give away items, we’ll make sure your next networking event is a success


Whether it’s a talk about the latest medical advancements or a push for funding for research, let us help your next talk be a success with a professionally branded slideshow presentation.


Our beautifully designed Interactive Forms are specifically branded for your practice and can be filled out from your computer or mobile device, or can be printed and filled out the old fashioned way.


Through a collaboration with our medical marketing partners, Graphics for Doctors can handle all aspects of medical marketing from SEO, to paid click campaigns, and more to drive more targeted patients through your door.

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