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Slideshow Presentations

Let us Make Your Next Talk a Success.

Eventually the time comes for every medical professional to give a talk in front of a large crowd. Whether it’s about the latest in medical advancements in your particular field or a push for funding for medical research, Graphics for Doctors will help make your next talk a success with a custom Powerpoint or Keynote slideshow presentation.

Many medical professionals will try to create a slideshow themselves. Many times this proves a disaster. A medical slideshow presentation should perfectly compliment your talk and aid you with easy to read visual guides and just the right amount of graphics and copy. Our award winning designers have a general understanding of many medical concepts and are able to create a visually engaging presentation that will guide your talk, enhance it, and bring you the results you’re looking for.

Have a big talk coming up and can use a beautifully designed and branded medical Keynote or Powerpoint Presentation? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our medical slideshow design professionals today.

Why use our medical slideshow presentations?

Visually Engaging

Our medical presentations are designed with your brand’s style and colors for a visually engaging and beautiful design that will be cohesive and easy to understand and follow.

Easy to Read

Our medical presentations are designed to be read easily with just the right blend of imagery and large, legible type with lots of space for a nice, clean, simple and effective aesthetic.


Our medical presentations come complete with animated tables and diagrams, and beautiful smooth animated transitions between slides.

The Perfect Visual Aid

Our presentations will perfectly compliment your talk with supportive graphics, tables, and diagrams that are informative and easy to understand.

How does it work?

Three simple steps is all it takes.

We Listen.

We’ll ask that you provide us with an initial idea of the presentation you need designed. This can be a simple Word document or write up. From there, we’ll chat about what you want the presentation to look like, what kind of functionality you’d like on it and more. After that, we’ll get to work creating you an original, beautifully designed presentation that will perfectly compliment your talk and be sure to impress.

We Create.

We’ll carefully design your slideshow presentation according to your specifications. We’ll add all the content, graphics, and tables you need in your presentation, complete with animations and transition. Then we’ll send you a draft in either a Keynote or Powerpoint format, depending on what was requested. If changes to design or content are needed, we’ll be happy to provide that. Once the design has been approved and all content has been reviewed for accuracy, we’ll prep the file and make sure it’s ready to go for your big talk.

We Deliver.

After all the functionality has been added and tested, we will send you your Keynote or Powerpoint Slideshow Presentation. We ask that you carefully review the finished presentation and run through it a few times. Once approved, we’ll send you the final files along with all accompanying fonts, movie clips and other files to make sure your presentation is fully functional and ready for you talk.

Presentations to impress for success.


presentation sample


medical presentation

Here’s what else we can do to help grow your medical practice:


Our award winning designers have an understanding of medical concepts and are able to convey them in a visually striking and informative way to create marketing material that will surely impress.


Our web development team understands medical concepts and how to best present them to create powerful mobile focused medical websites that convert potential patients into appointments.


We provide top quality printing of business cards, brochure and everything else you'll need for successfully marketing your practice that will leave a lasting impression.


From large backdrop displays and banners that will drive traffic to your booth, to creative and unique custom promotional give away items, we’ll make sure your next networking event is a success


Whether it’s a talk about the latest medical advancements or a push for funding for research, let us help your next talk be a success with a professionally branded slideshow presentation.


Our beautifully designed Interactive Forms are specifically branded for your practice and can be filled out from your computer or mobile device, or can be printed and filled out the old fashioned way.


Through a collaboration with our medical marketing partners, Graphics for Doctors can handle all aspects of medical marketing from SEO, to paid click campaigns, and more to drive more targeted patients through your door.

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