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7 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Medical Practice

how to get more patients

7 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Medical Practice

You work hard to provide great service for your patients so it’s a good thing that you don’t have to work too hard to attract new patients. Follow these 7 easy tips to get more newbies in the door.

  1. Social Media. A social media strategy is key and you have to be shameless about self-promotion. Hire a clean writer to maintain a blog, plan catchy Tweets, and keep up with tech support for your website.
  2. Video Marketing. Post interviews with your patients and show that you’re a real person with a real practice changing real lives. Plus, people love a bit of fame!
  3. Be Relevant. Write about local issues and connect your practice to timely events and common medical issues. People love treatment tips too because it’s a way that you can help before they even come in to see you.
  4. Brand Everything. Hand out business cards, pens, brochures, fridge magnets, and more so that your patients have physical reminders that they can associate with your brand. It’s also a conversation piece for others who see the materials.
  5. Give back. Be present in your community and let everyone know that you’re here to help out the community as a whole. You can also target your volunteer efforts to meet relevant clients while you’re doing good.
  6. Request referrals. Encourage your clients to do a little free publicity for you if they enjoyed your service. They may gladly post reviews, ratings, or simply speak on your behalf.
  7. Say Thank You. Human connection is really important and a handwritten thank you note for a referral or new patient visit can make a big difference in a competitive market.
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